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1st International Workshop on Semantic Interoperability for the IoT

SIFI 2016 @ IoT 2016, Stuttgart, Germany, November 7


The workshop took place on 7 Nov 2016 at the 6th International Conference on the Internet of Things (IoT 2016). We had one keynote and three selected papers in the following afternoon program:

We teamed up with the Seventh International Workshop on the Web of Things (WoT 2016) to broaden the reach and to strengthen the first issue of the SIFI Workshop. In our breakout discussion at the Brauhaus Schoenbruch, we brought up the issue of the inflatious spawning of IoT workshops and conferences, and the increasing uncertainty among researchers as well as companies where to attend. We concluded to keep the partnership with the WoT Workshop under the more established name, but with a new focus on semantic interoperability for the IoT.

Proceedings 2016

The accepted papers will be published in the ACM Digital Library within the Proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on the Web of Things. Unfortunately, legal issues are currently delaying the process.

Call for Papers 2016

The International Workshop on Semantic Interoperability for the IoT (SIFI) targets authors from the Semantic Web and the Internet of Things (IoT) application layer to form a community that explores machine-understandable information and interaction models for Thing-to-Thing communication. While the IoT promises products and higher-value services based on the widespread and integrated use of connected devices, we are currently witnessing application silos with custom interfaces, heterogeneous network communication mechanisms, and individual data models. The workshop aims to overcome scenario-driven, not reusable, isolated islands of solutions, so that everyday objects are not only network-enabled, but can finally participate in integrated scenarios. The challenges include:

The first SIFI workshop primarily seeks position papers to gather researchers who want to follow a practical approach of Semantic Web technology or who want to enrich their IoT applications, protocols, and security profiles with semantic information. Promising concepts and solutions may be pursued further within the IRTF Thing-to-Thing Research Group and the W3C Web of Things Interest Group.

Organizers 2016